Process and FAQs


Application Form and deadlines

  • The Application forms will be available only by way of a link to your email id. Please fill the form in the Contact Us section mentioning the category you wish to nominate yourself in. 
  • Nominations can come directly from the nominee or from his/her seniors.
  • Forms have to be duly submitted along with the participation fees latest by 30th June 2020
  • Nomination must be attested by the Department Head (not necessarily the reporting boss). In case of an entrepreneur, attesting can happen by a VC/ Bank/ Customer. 
  • Participation fees is Rs 4,000 (inclusive of 18% GST) for each nomination form. Forms will be considered only on payment of the nomination fees. 
  • An individual can nominate in only one category. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominee must be 40 years of age or less as on 30th June, 2020.
  • Nominee must be actively employed in a supply chain role at the time of nomination.

Selection Process

  • Only fully filled nomination forms in prescribed format will be considered for first round. 
  • Entries will be judged on the basis of Implementation and Impact, Innovation and Game changing potential and Functionality & Technical Qualities of the projects and work done, as mentioned by nominees. 
  • In the first round, jury will score to identify up to four projects in each category to advance to next round.
  • Applications that have advanced may be required to answer any queries and/or provide supplemental information (e.g. powerpoint, other media) by the jury. 
  • In final round, details of the initial application and all supplemental information provided will be reviewed and In-depth scoring will be done by each jury member.
  • After jury deliberation, the top finalists in each category will be identified and winners chosen. 

Link to Nomination Form

Please fill the form in the Contact Us section mentioning the category you wish to nominate yourself in and we will send you the link to the nomination form

Final Winners and Award Ceremony

  •  Jury decision is final and binding. All Award winners will be notified two weeks prior to Award function.  
  • The Awards event will be held during second week of August 2020 in Mumbai.

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